At Win Media Africa, we don’t just work with you, we help you to bring your dreams into reality.

The following are some of the brands we’ve worked with;

SGI Global Enterprises LLC

SGI Global Enterprises was a new company with zero online presence. The company needed a robust online visibility, targeted traffic and clients.

Using our flagship SEO services our first task was to improve search visibility for the brand. This was obtained to a significant extent within a short period of time. 

Afterwards, our effort was focused on creating top ranking pages for the brand. Considering that there was already a lot of existing brands with high ranking websites competing for the same keywords, it looked quite difficult to get the rankings we needed but we got to work regardless. 

With our strategic content we evolved an SEO strategy that worked for the website in such a way that it was already competing and displacing some of the top brands within 6 weeks of implementation. 

From a new and zero traffic website, we evolved a robust business website, raking in 7 figures in net income, within 6 months.
As a show of appreciation and believe in our effective SEO strategies, this company kept us on a retainer.

Giving Tide International

Giving Tide International, a flagship NGO needed a slight re-brand and a new website for it’s operations.

Our role was to build a website that will capture the client’s brand essence, project it’s activities and create visibility for it’s initiatives. 

Interpreting client’s message through our creative design was at the core of what we did. 

We worked with the client in sorting their brand messaging at every given point, and projecting it in a way that will be meaningful to the target audience. In the end, we created a website that met our clients satisfaction.

Online Publishing

Online Publishing has been one of our flagship services at Win Media Africa. 

Helping young and up coming author to self publish their books, share their stories and connect with an international audience in meaningful ways has been one of our core services. 

As part of our online publishing services, I we’ve mentored, edited and published several books from different authors of varied backgrounds. 
Specifically, some of our books have been published and sold across Amazon and other international and local online publishing platforms within Nigeria. 

We have also consulted for, edited and published books outside the digital platforms.